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Join The DiscordCome and chat to the developer of Tetraphobia on the discord to learn more about the game and get involved in developing new ideas! https://discord.com/invite/u6uRJJnAbout the GameTetraphobia is a roguelite action shooter that takes the traditional dungeon crawler experience and exposes it to the skies. Play as Trixx, a treasure hunting rogue equipped with a transforming bow, and fight through a procedurally generated world of floating islands filled with dangerous creatures and powerful artefacts.Play the way you wantUtilise your transforming bow that can swap between long and shortbow on the fly to give you different strategies to battle. Shoot, dodge and blast your way through enemy encampments with the shortbow or play from a distance and utilise armour piercing arrows from your longbow.Explore the Fractured SkySet in a beautiful world of floating islands inspired by an East-Asia fantasy style, The Fractured Sky is a dangerous place where people can succumb to their fears. Four Titans guard different realms throughout the world each with their own unique identity. Different realms will offer unique enemies, bosses and a host of unique artefacts.Exposed to the skies you'll have to deal with weather systems. Heavy snow will create ice patches and reduce visibility whilst thunderstorms will cause lightning strikes and heavy rains. These weather systems are as much a nuisance for the creatures you battle against so avoid these dangers or utilise them to your advantage in battle.Exciting Artifacts with Powerful EffectsWith multiple unique regions, a huge variety of artefacts, exciting modifiers and untold secrets - Tetraphobia is brimming with rouge-like details that will keep every run feeling fresh and unique. Depending on which realms you visit and the secrets you find you may end up with an incredibly jacked up bow, powerful allies or a small army of cats.If you discover an artifact that doesn't synergise well with your current build you can always trade it at the airship island.Strange Characters and Playful CompanionsAccompanied by your child-hood pet Reno and a demonic academic named Benny; You'll rescue others who have been consumed by their fear. Once rescued, they will give you access to more advanced artefacts and unique modifiers that will affect The Fractured Sky in different ways. Some will offer you unique challenges and quests with unique rewards to make your journeys more exciting.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i3+
Nvidia GeForce GTX 750
Windows 7/8/10 64bit
free space
8 GB available space