There Won't be Light

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Join our Discord!About the GameThere Won't be Light is a horror experience focused on the player's interaction with the environment. Through cooperation with other players, escape the scenario by solving the present puzzles, and don't let the imposters stop your escape. Main Campaign: In a 5 player experience, escape the location while the imposter prevents your escape. Tools: Your voice is your salvation and your damnation. While in silence, There Won't be Light will provide silent tools to communicate with other players. Use them creatively and wisely. Maps: Temples, houses, forests... Different experiences in scenarios with different characteristics and possibilities. Chaos Mode: Have lots of friends and want a chaotic experience? Create giant, custom-sized mazes and generate an expandable experience to play with up to dozens of people*.*Experience with a large number of players requires a stable internet connection compatible with the size of the desired match.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i5 7th Generation
GTX 1060
Windows 7 or higher
free space
3 GB available space