Terminal Conflict Soundtrack

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Strategy Mill and Japan based, British composer James Spence, are proud to present to you the original soundtrack for Terminal Conflict. Written, produced and recorded by James Spence during 2019, it captures the atmosphere of your favorite retro computer Cold War terminal. The songs included are: Arctic - In the icy depths of the Arctic Circle where the echoes of sea life and submarines can be heard, the audio experience brings visions of things under the surface. East Asia - The traditional sounds of East Asia including China, Japan, Macau, Mongolia and even Japan can be heard in this modern composition with traditional regional sounds. Eastern Europe - We can hear through the serious and forbidding sounds of countries firmly under the grasp of the Soviet Union their yearning for greatness. Middle East - North America - The digital flow of people and information can be heard behind this modern upbeat cinematic arrangement. Pacific - A modern envisioning of Morse Code loops through low bass sounds invoking of ships moving through the waves represents this theater of operation. South America - A strong, dark track, punctuated by Latin guitar sounds regional to the area it represents, passionate and proud. South Asia - The tension of the Cold War can be heard through this piece, a droning background broken through with the sounds of South Asian influence. Sub Sahara - A plucky piece representative of the Sub-Saharan theater makes way to the mystery of the continent of two worlds. Western Europe - The synth sounds that shine through this track encompass the atmosphere that Europe would become known for, one of distant wailing of military action.
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