Fury Fight

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This is an action arcade game with hand feeling and retro action.By running three different characters, we constantly defeat the assassins who are going to kill them, solve the mystery and save the city.And from the three protagonists different plot, pieced together the whole story of the whole picture.Game features-Smooth cool arcade experience, real clean fighting.To salute the classic era of remembrance, let's have a simple and direct experience of happiness.- Exciting Boss confrontation, electro optic flint style competition. Each Boss has distinct features (or teases). More powerful, very stunting, assault or evading? Let's do some extreme operations!-Two players work together, brothers, my back to you! Do you still remember the joy of playing with your brothers in the arcade hall? Here it is. Help your teammates out of the danger, or rob your teammates's meat?-You can trigger a dialogue with the enemy in the level to explore different branch plots-There are many difficulties to choose from-A game gallery that can be unlockedInspiration comes from "Captain Commando" and "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs".We have learned and learned from some of the mechanisms, so that the fighting in fury fight can restore the sense of operation of the arcade in the 1990s as much as possible, hoping to awaken the happiness brought by the arcade to the players in that year.(We are very clear that the visual performance of Fury Fight is very rough at this stage, which is why we have not launched the game. But with the encouragement of enthusiastic players, we finally decided to launch this game. To this end, we will set a low and reasonable price to make every player buy value for money. And we promise, with Grandpa's name, that we will put all our income into the improvement of game and the development of new content. Please wait and see.)For storyThe game is about the story of Professor Unlucky, who has been absorbed in other parallel space and time by the physics doctor, in order to reunite his dead wife.Do you think this is just a Hollywood science fiction script like "The One"? No!As Professor interfered with the balance of time and space, each parallel world began to collapse slowly. In order to guard the existence of his dead wife, Professor Unlucky thought of a method of magic power - absorbing himself in other spaces to enhance his own knowledge and ability.In order to carry out this simple and vigorous plan smoothly, he has created a criminal organization called SCHOOL in every parallel time.Finally, with the hard work of various SCHOOL organizations, victims in different time and space began to unite against oppression.Therefore, a story of "if you don't die, you won't die" unfolded.CharactersHawk EyeAngry hair curling dark cloud, Power fist smash titanium gold.Hawk Eye is a sheriff with a sense of justice and a strong Indian fighter. In order to find his missing sister, he followed the clues to the city. His attack is full of strength and has many powerful throwing skills. Because of his special lineage, his block can invalidate most of the enemy's attacks.AradoMoving instant as flash boom, running valiant over meteor stream. Arado is a sports star in school, pure and hot. Soon after being transferred to school, he was involved in the incident because he was too conspicuous to be picked up by the captain of the school basketball team. His athletic ability makes him very flexible, dodging and two jumps to allow him to swim between enemies. He can also use dazzle cool skills to vertigo around the enemy.Red SheepPhantom gone with high gale, crack surely will banish the evil.Red sheep is not her real name, but a code name. Her identity and past are mysteries. She may be a secret agent, but no one knows her goal. She has superb fighting skills and can perform complex attacks. By starting overclocking, she can get beyond the limit of terrible power in a short time.About UsLove classic games, but we are not old-fashioned.Keen to develop games, but we do not fish for fame.We have a small team and limited funds, but these do not affect our seriousness, persistence and modesty.Thank you for seeing this page. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Please contract us in steam.Our ideal is to develop the game you want!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2 Duo
GeForce GTS 250
Windows 7
free space
4 GB available space