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About the Game:Fight for your survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fighting off the unique mutants and enjoying the setting to its fullest.Humanity has foretold many near mass extinction events that would reshape all life that existed on earth. But when it actually happened when the world changed forever, and the strong evolved whilst the weak and feeble perished. Mutants afflicted by the radiation, the meteor shower brought DNA and radiation that shaped the creatures of the world into grotesque monsters, that feasted on humanity survivors. with time, many grew to accept the changes, evolving alongside this strange new world, small communities were reborn, as scavengers, where selling and survival became the way of life.Gameplay:Every bullet counts, use your ammo wisely but consider your opponent, the mutants of this world are hard to kill with a limited amount of bullets. So, should you sell some of your scavenged bullets, or do you need them to venture further through the unique world to find rarer and more profitable loot?During your expeditions into the fragments of the old world, expect to be well rewarded for pushing into the heart of the chaos, testing your might against human and non-human foes that will challenge you. However, those brave enough to stare danger in the eye know that rewards are ready to be made by battling against the dangers.Key Features:In this world, mutants now roam. Creatures that once sat idle gawked at by our predecessors once help reduce earth’s human population to near extinction, but with time the abominable population reduced and those that remain are battle-hardened. Fight off the remaining foes and reap the rewards others have failed to reach.
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Minimum system requirements
I7 4790
Radeon R9 270
Windows 10
free space
3 GB available space