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JOIN OUR COMMUNITYAbout the GameWaking up in the Sacred Grove, you realize there is little time to waste. With gods and demons roaming freely and peace to the world disturbed, you have to do anything in your might to restore order to your homeland. Set out on an adventure that is about to decide on the fate of Wyraj.THE WORLD IS WAITINGSwing right into the action in an procedural generated world of Pogan, where every nook and cranny has a story to tell. Day and night, progress in your adventure while on a constant lookout for undiscovered territories. Prove your strength in combat, deal with hordes of enemies, and conquer new lands.MARK YOUR TERRITORYTo experience rare, peaceful moments in the wicked world where danger lurks in every corner, you will be able to use your equipment to set up countless bases. Given you successfully conquered enemies’ territories, you might even settle down for a while, building villages filled with various structures beneficial to your growth and journey.IT’S YOU VS THEMThe world you explore is filled with mythological creatures that won’t always act in your favor. If powerful gods and demons stand in your way, will you be able to conquer them all and victoriously move forward?KEY FEATURES- Play single or multiplayer up to 50 players via user hosted servers- Travel the procedurally generated worlds full of mysterious places to reveal and conquer- Explore the secrets of crafting by acquiring unique items with special properties allowing you to upgrade weapons, clothes and other props- Develop your fighting skills by deciding which combat style you want to broaden with the advanced abilities leveling system- Tame animals and grow plants, use them to cook better dishes for you and your friends to be more agile and strong- Create villages and cities by developing construction skills and perfecting building materials using an extensive and versatile building system- Bring peace on earth by opposing the Slavic gods and demons, each of whom has mysterious weak points to discover and use against them- Advanced combat system with multiple attacks, blocks and countersKEY MECHANICS- Health and stamina- Crafting- Building- Farming- Cooking- Collecting resources- Breeding- Brewing- Fishing- Weather and day cycles- Abilities and leveling up- Horse riding- PvP- PvE
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Minimum system requirements
i5 2.8 GHz or better
GeForce GTX 750 / AMD R9 280
Windows 7 or newer
free space
2 GB available space