D-Corp - The Hot Bot Hat Pack

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Are you ready for the greatest fashion collection of all time?The Hot Bot Hat Pack for D-Corp is here! Customize your Bit-Bots to make them stand out from the workforce crowd. The quest of exploiting the planet for profit was never funkier.The pack contains a stockpile of 11 cosmetic items (hats):- Raccoon Hat 🦝Disclaimer: No raccoons were harmed in the creation of this hat. Fully synthetic.- Propeller Hat 🧢Spin to win! This addon will help you discover the playfulness of your inner child (remember to be playful on your own time, the company pays you for work).- Flower Hat 🌷This cute bellflower is a homage to the wonderful indie content creator Feemagie. Avoid the bees!- Welder Mask 👩‍🏭Safe work environment is very important in D-Corp. We had to save on your insurance so make sure to protect your face while working.- Tengu Hat 👺The legendary Japanese mask with the long nose!- Plague Mask 🐔Hey plague doctor, give us the magic words: Boop beep boop brrrap brrrap ting tang walla walla bing bang!- Gasmask 🤿Just to be clear, you are a robot, you can't contract a disease. But to play it safe we give you one of these to be sure that not even a pandemic can obstruct your efficiency.- M1xer 🤖 A legendary early version of the Bit-Bot model with all the perks of the latest programming of the Mark III.- Acolyte 🧙Steal his look! It was not patented, so we did. The basic Acolyte from Spellsworn works for D-Corp now.- Rockpillar 🪨Rockpillar is the best pillar! Celebrate the most universal Spellsworn spell with this rock-solid headpiece!- Bogwitch 🌳Be the one with nature. The premium Bogwitch from Spellsworn offers an environment-friendly alternative to basic industrial Bit-Bot looks.
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Minimum system requirements
4 GB VRam
Windows 8
free space
2 GB available space