A Siren's Call VR: Death Comes At Night

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A Siren's Call VR: The Calling
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Elliot Esker. A man of tragedy. One month after his brother goes missing Elliots Girlfriend dies in a mysterious car crash claiming her life. 1 year later Elliot with barely any will to live gets mysterious email labeled from his brother to stay away and stop asking questions. Elliot rushes off to find out the truth and returns to his old family home . A horror based STORY . Fight you're way through the mansion A Small town with a dark secret. A Synthetic Skin Care Company dedicated to keeping the secret A Dead Girlfriend A Missing brother A Mysterious message Can Elliot find out the truth before its to late A Siren's Call VR Death Comes At Night is a thrilling horror that begs to be explored I plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 4 to 8 Core
1060 gtx
Windows 10, Windows 11
free space
25 GB available space