Being and Becoming

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ADD TO WISHLISTAbout the GameCorrupted by a Collective Dream, a seaside kingdom falls into a deep slumber. As a rare lucid dreamer, you are able to traverse the world freely and free those who are captive to their nightmares and fantasies.Being & Becoming is a beautifully hand-crafted pixel art metroidvania where the world and story are shaped directly by your gameplay choices. Fight bosses and explore the world to uncover glimpses of the truth of the Collective Dream. Will you unravel the mystery and be able to defeat the corruption at its source?Defeat and Summon Corrupted Dreamers Kill and consume the spirits of those corrupted beyond recognition by the Collective Dream. Each new spirit absorbed can be summoned to defend and attack on your behalf.Expand Your Arsenal Assemble an arsenal of weapons wielded by noble spirits ensnared within the dream. Weave intricate combinations of attacks and utilize each weapon in a unique way to traverse the environment.Brave the Kingdom Warped by Dreams Explore a vast, interconnected world which unfolds based on your gameplay decisions. Unique playthrough-specific pathways and rooms will be available depending on where you choose to begin your crusade to quell the influence of the Collective Dream.Shape the World Around You Sleep does not absolve you of responsibility - your actions will shape the waking and dreaming world, determining their ultimate fate.Gorgeous Pixel-Art Aesthetic From picturesque to grotesque, each location has its own ambience and feel, decorated with detailed hand-crafted backdrops. Each boss has a distinctive personality, emphasized not only by the story, but also by dozens of unique animations and environmental interactions.Fully Voiced-Over Characters & Atmospheric OST Being & Becoming features a diverse cast of charming and terrifying voice acted characters and bosses. The soundtrack is filled with dynamic and atmospheric tracks that are shaped by and directly shape gameplay.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i5+
Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
Windows 7+
free space
700 MB available space