The Tale of Tuck Demo

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This is the free Demo version of Tricky Typing. In this version, there are currently 3 Power Ups and 1 Game Mode.Tricky Typing is a multiplayer typing game where your only input device is a controller. That's right! Each action ranging from a button press to the flick of a joystick is mapped to a letter from A - Z. (As of now, Quick Play is the only available mode, however, more modes will be available on release)Power Ups???- Bobot Mode: Take a second to relax while the game types for you- Freeze!: Freeze a random opponent and stop them from being able to type- Peek-a-Boo : Place your hands over your opponent’s eyes to temporarily blind themBig StreaksRack up Streaks so high that they start covering your screenFeaturesCustomizable Dictionary: Start a match off with your own personally submitted wordsMultiple Languages: Experience Tricky Typing in all 3 languages of the world: English, French, and SpanishDyslexic Font: If you have dyslexia, then the included font, Open Dyslexic, may be for YOU!Adjustable Game Speed: Whether at half speed or 150%, play the game how you want to
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i5
Windows 7
free space
1 GB available space