The Infernal Return

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Overview'The Infernal Return' is an adventure-type role-playing game developed by Knifish Studio. The design of the game scene is based on the underworld division in ancient Chinese myths and legends. But only this time, we broke the stereotypical impression. Presented to the players is a rich experience of box court exploration, interesting game interaction, and immersive plot scenes.StoryKoward is a timid guy who doesn't dare reveal his feeling to his girlfriend Mangostina. In order to complete the indicators given by the king of hell Yama, the two hell messenger Black Wuchang and White Wuchang (Wuchang means impermanence in Chinese language) abducted Koward with an excuse and brought him to the Nether world. Koward's spirit was then imprisoned within the Fengdu Ghost City. To escape and resurrect, Koward needs to collects enough elements and meet all the conditions. As Koward, the player will explore the netherworld and vibe with some ghosts and monsters and cheat the death Yama with fantastic tricks.Key featuresNovel interactive systemThe hero needs to constantly collect wine to fill the 'wine spring' so as to prevent the devastating moment after the king of hell wakes up. In addition, the hero can interact with his relatives and friends in the mortal world by dream messaging; Relatives and friends on earth can also convey information to translators by burning paper. The psychic medium undertaking this operation is borne by the famed Bank of Heaven and Earth.Classic but not exhausting box court explorationThere are always some collection elements on the bright side. Still, with your desire for more of them, you will find that you are good at discovering those hidden elements in quirky corners and obtaining the sense of achievement in a professional manner. Pay attention to those luminous, missing and regularly arranged places! And do revisit the places you have been to for new discoveries! There are little ghosts who like to whine and cry! You will need to constantly adjust the lens angle flexibly while playing the game to find hidden elements.There is a Casino in the underworld! Compete against ghosts with these leisure gamesAfter thousands of years of ghostly work, White Impermanence, a righteous ghost official, nowadays patronises the Oblivion Casino because of boredom. Believe it or not, chips of the underworld casino can be souls if only you dare!More gameplays under developmentJoin the hell disco, check out the dungeons and mazes, and meet the Great Emperor of Fengdu! Operating instructionsIn the process of the game exploration, you will often use the [Q][E][R][F] key to adjust the lens angle, use the [K] key to reset the lens, use [C][V] to zoom in and out, and use to switch the first and third person. Press [F4] to switch to full screen / window mode, press and hold [Shift] to make a dash.In addition, the game fully supports handle operation.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64
Intel HD graphics 4400 or more, Radeon HD graphics 5430 or more, OpenGL 3.0 or more
1024 MB RAM
Windows 7/8/10/11 (32/64bit)
free space
400 MB available space