Behind the Horizon - The Desert

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Behind the Horizon
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Behind the Horizon - The Desert- Explore new vast territories- Master the art of surviving in the desert- Experience a new exciting main story in 4 chapters (playing time well over 50h)- Find new friends - Face the demons again- Pursue numerous side quests- Build on your relationships from the main game- Get company on your farm- Learn many new crafting plans and new spells- Build and use many new itemsThe AddOn in numbers:30% more areas to explore>80 new quests>30 new cutscenes12 new items with their own mechanics11 new spells in nature and combat10 new monster types with new abilities10 new approachable NPCs with their own story and daily routineThe long version:Maybe one or the other wondered after the main game what happened to Alex or Carla in the intro of the game!? This story is told in the AddOn - "The Desert". Around it, there are many new areas to explore and to learn about their laws. Like the main game, the AddOn is a friendly game in which you can feel at ease. There is no pointless grinding and the entire world is handmade and there is something to discover everywhere.The game combines nature simulation, which has been expanded even further, with farm building, role-playing with an exciting story and varying battles, in the hand-created dungeons, catacombs and caves.Many new interesting items with their own mechanics such as a food dispenser, a hayrack, or the new growth crystals offer new possibilities.The monsters have also gained in finesse and complexity and should now provide even more diversity in the battles.As usual, the new NPCs have their own thoughts, worries and tasks and offer many insights into their lives with the master during your stay in the desert.You will also meet numerous friends from the main game again and relationships will be deepened and new tasks mastered together. The love story around Aleena and Cailan is also continued. Much has also changed in the world. The nature simulation has been enriched by active volcanoes and many small improvements. The add-on takes place directly after the main game and therefore requires that you have completed the story there. The difficulty level is similar to the main game. As usual, there is a mix of farming, role-playing and exploring, although survival elements are also added, especially at the beginning in the life-hostile desert. You can read about all the new features in the patch notes for the add-on or in the in-game instructions (F1 in the game).
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Minimum system requirements
Intel i3 2core 2,4Ghz
Intel HD graphics
Windows 7/8/10
free space
2 GB available space