Sugoi Adventure! DragonSlayer

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You are a hero. THE hero. Hope you're up for some heroic deeds, as the ladies are watching!A card game/visual novel hybrid where you get on a life of fantasy adventure, make decisions, and face the consequences (some of them being beautiful girls). Forge your destiny, and remember to keep all your stats nice and balanced! on a quest of your lifetime! This kingdom needs a hero, and that's exactly who you happen to be. Make your way to glory!Maintain your stats! Money, health, stress, and fame - will you be able to balance your way through the heroic journey?Gather your party!Get yourself some skillful allies! But beware of the temptations along the way...Get rid of that nasty Dragon! Make your daddy proud.Features A fun story to explore! Over 300 adventure cards to go through Six characters available for romance ❤︎ A free 18+ Adult Content DLC at launch! (♥ω♥*) Multiple endings Various achievements Trading cards - as soon as Steam allows us to add them!
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Minimum system requirements
1.2 GHz Pentium 4
512 MB RAM
Windows XP