Eternal Spectre

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Eternal Spectre is a Non-linear Open-world RPG. Eternal Spectre's storyline is the main driver for the whole game. In Eternal Spectre choices matter. Even Simple NPCs react to players' actions and everything a player does affects the world. News spread fast and thus NPCs know a lot about what is happening in the world around them. In Eternal Spectre, the world is changing and shifting, but so are you. The non-linear storyline mechanic gives us the ability to shift the world as the player is going through the story. Choices matter and actions matter even more. In Eternal Spectre, a small action may go a long way. For example, helping an NPC Survive can go a long way as the NPC might open a different path later in the storyline. Side quests are tightly integrated with the storyline to give a proper sense of the world and promote a more cohesive and immersive story. In Eternal Spectre, you are free to act however you like, but be prepared to face the consequencesStory:In Eternal Spectre you play as Jared Miles a lieutenant in Unit 56 battling a gruesome war on the island of Areas. Jared finds himself hosting a magical entity called Kelithador. Together Jared and Kelithador set on the journey to win this war, and solve the mysteries of the island of Areas.Gameplay:-Gunplay - Gather weapons ranging from Assault rifles, SMGs, Guns, Rocket-launchers , and other magical weapons with amazing abilities -Shield and Cover- Use shields and covers to maneuver around the battle arena and strategically plan your next move.-Booster - Use the movement booster to boost your movement to shake enemies aim and find the right timing to hit your finishing blow-Magic - Use the abilities granted to you by Kelithador ranging from elemental magic, dark magic, space-time magic and othersGame Features:-Customizations: customizable character look-Weapon Upgrades: Gather weapon parts and use them to upgrade your weapons-Stats Upgrade: You can use another upgrade system to further enhance your gear weapons and items-Useable Items: Gather items of many usages, ranging from magical cloaks to magical mana enhancers-Advanced Skill Tree: learn and upgrade more than 20 non passive Magical Skills and another 20 passive essential skills-Dynamic Character Builds: No classes, your build, your experience -Trading Mechanics: Trade your way to obtain more money, haggle and find items that traders might need to trade for less money. Traders differ from one place to another. -NPCS: learn more about the world through the NPCs and help them to gain their respect.-Branching Story line: the story branches multiple times for each situation in the story. Try to be alert at all times.-Conversation System: remember that any reply might lead to a change in your story-Multiple Endings: The branching story line results in multiple endingsOpen-World Systems:-Loot: Gather flowers, Blueprints, GemCores, gems. weapon parts weapons and many more item types each of which has a unique use and need-Explore for more: Our world is rich with amazing things you can find and people you can meet. Also remember timing is important.-Live world: In Areas, the world is alive and it not only reacts to what happens to the story. It also has its own story to tell. The world of Eternal Spectre is alive!-Gangs: Clear out gang camps and try to beat their head quarters to secure a safer environment for Areas's locals. Each gang has it's own dynamically generated story. -Hidden treasures and Stories: For every place you visit there is a reason it exists. Hunt for rare items, treasures or an untold story.-AND MORE We made sure the world and story of Eternal spectre is full of many Secrets many of which will be hidden for a long time. Try to find out as much as you can the Journey is worth it!
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Minimum system requirements
INTEL CORE I5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X
Windows 10
free space
80 GB available space