Guild of Dragons

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Guild of Dragons is a settlement-builder with dragon taming, exploration, and conquest.As a dragon mage, you raise your dragons, explore, farm, craft, and fight in first-person perspective, but build in top-down view.DRAGONS NEED ATTENTION!Raise, feed and tame them to be able to command and ride them, otherwise, they may become feral and leave you!YOU AND YOUR CITIZENSCentral to expanding your settlement is having enough workers to staff new buildings. But you can always personally help out (in first-person perspective) whenever there is a shortage of supplies.PRODUCTION CHAINSThere is a huge variety of buildings and production chains available to help your settlement prosper.BUILDING ACTIVITIES While you experience the game from a first-person or third-person perspective, you will change to a top-down view for building activities.TRADETrade with different merchants, each of which offers different goods.Depending on how close they are to your settlement and their specialization, buy and sell prices on their market may differ enormously. FARMChoose from a variety of dragonfruits, crops, flowers, and herbs, either planted in the glasshouse, in the herbalist’s house, or on a farm.MINE AND CRAFTCrafting weapons, potions and power-ups give your dragons and yourself a crucial advantage. Of course, you have to build the appropriate buildings first.MONSTERSThere are a variety of monsters to be found in Guild of Dragons.But beware, monsters protect rare resources, so you better bring your dragon team to keep you save.EXPAND YOUR TERRITORY and lead your dragon team into battle against the minions of the cruel Drab Collective.THE DRAB COLLECTIVE your enemy - rules through fear over many settlements in their ever-expanding sphere of influence. Ancient Dragon Eggs are found scattered throughout different regions. They are protected by Drabrats and monsters.AND THERE IS MORE QUESTS: If you want to play a more open-world style or follow our main questline is up to you.PLAY IT YOUR WAY - SKILLS: Build your character and decide on a path for your dragon and create an experience unique to you!YOUR CHOICES MATTER: To prosper, you need to support your people, but not everyone will be happy with your decisions. Every decision you make comes with a cost.SEASONS AND WEATHER: Guild of Dragons features a day and night cycle with dynamic lighting. Some rare plants can only be found and collected at night.There are also seasons in Guild of Dragons and crops don’t grow all year round. To survive the harsh winter, your people and dragons rely on your stored food or trading. THE STORY The Great Dragons, which upheld the balance of the world, are long gone and the whereabouts of the Dragon Mages still remain a mystery.The resulting power vacuum was filled by the cruel Drab Collective. Under their ferocious leader Shaduhm, they have established a reign of fear.The use of The Four Colors is forbidden by law - and the few remaining Color Wielders are hunted and enslaved.As it turns out, you are the only one left with the ability to hatch and raise dragons with your magic.So, you are the last best hope to build a beautiful and magical world where dragons and people can thrive again!- - -
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Minimum system requirements
AMD / Intel i7 Quad-Core 3.5 GHz
GeForce GTX 1050 / Radeon RX 560 or better dedicated graphics card
Windows 10 (64-bit)
free space
20 GB available space