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Knightblade: Retro Open World RPGA retro open world RPG, farming sim, and dungeon crawler.Knightblade is best described as an open world fantasy game mixed with farming and life sim elements, made in the golden age of video games. After creating your character from the 8 options presented to you (four classes, two genders, eight sprite options), our future hero will move into a beautiful little town and start their life as a humble farmer. But quickly you realize there is a mystery focused on the dungeons that lurk below. A mystery that involves the God of Death, and your own family legacy. Explore the world through a retro-style world map, explore the towns and locales of the region. Farm and mine to earn precious gold. Help local citizens with quests. Fall in love. Then head into the deep dark dungeons.. clear each one, slaughtering monsters and collecting treasure, while slowly the mystery of why you came to this town will begin to unravel. This is Knightblade.This is a low-cost game designed with a main story that can be completed in a couple hours. Players can rush through it, but they won't find all there is to discover. It's encourage to play at your own pace and explore the world. The farming elements are not complex, there is a larger focus on clearing dungeons. Each dungeon cleared advances the story forward. But the main goal is freedom for the player. Players can grind in the dungeons, or focus on other things.Here's the best part: Knightblade will receive long-term support. For free. All new updates, DLC, and expansions that are planned will be free. New regions, quality of life improvements for post-married life, and other enhancements will arrive in the future. Along with new monsters to battle!FEATURES:Explore a retro themed open world.Battle monsters in animated turn-based combat.Live a virtual life. Get married! Farm! Mine! Go fishing! Play a few casino games!Complete the main quest and unlock new things to do.~2 hours of storyline, with unlimited gameplay after the story as the game doesn't end.Change graphic styles, filters, or even go retro black and white!Discover little secrets like cheat codes hidden in the game.FREE DLC FOR LIFE!New updates with more content will be on the way. Stay tuned!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (32bit/64bit)
free space
620 MB available space