Crusader: Dungeon Series

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This game is my first deep dive into game development. I am a solo developer that has dreamt of creating games since I was 12. So I wanted to pay tribute to the very first game I owned as a child, but also creating something of my own. The first game I owned as a child was for the Tandy Color Computer 2 called Dungeons of Daggorath. It was a very basic dungeon crawler with simple line graphics. Crusader: Dungeon Series - Dungeon of Dagginor is the first in a series of add-ons.Game Play:Movement is done via WSAD (Forward, Backward, Left, Right) with Mouse Button 1 as Primary attack, Mouse Button 2 as Block, and Q, E, R as secondary abilities. The game starts in a small village outside a castle (where the entrance to the dungeon is located. The player will start here at the beginning of each session, but will enter the dungeon on the first uncompleted levelPlayer will be able to advance skills/abilities via Gems gained by killing monsters in the dungeon. There are 3 styles of weapons for use (Weapon/Shield, Two-Handed, Dual-Wield).Tutorial:There is a tutorial level that explains the basic game play, however, this level is intended to be played once.
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Minimum system requirements
Quad Core CPU
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or similar. 3 Gb VRAM.
Windows 10
free space
8 GB available space