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TW: [nsfw, histories of csa / sexual violence, suicide, severe eye horror/gore]nothing is inviolate. and that which is sacrosanct gets fucked.fuck god, kill heaven, marry boyfriend. in that order.a four-armed falcon curse-god named sacrosanct fucks inviolet truong, a human folklorist, and despite a millennium between them, they fall in love. love alone, however, is not even close to enough. it takes sacrifice. it takes sacrificing humanity to love a curse, a god, a first of the worst nature. but the two are well-met. whether that's enough to stay alive, well, just take a interactive fiction game about time travel and curse gods. and, of course, human sacrifice.features included: full original multi-track orchestral OST using traditional japanese instruments, long form narrative poetic verse utilizing lyrical elements such as meter and rhyme and rhythm, and vividly textured hand-drawn design and illustration in a limited color palette
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Minimum system requirements
Windows 7/8/10