Pet Vet 3D Animal hospital Down Under

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G'DAY! There's never a dull moment for the Pet Vet! Cuddle and play with lots of exciting animals, including sleek dolphins and bouncy kangaroos! Earn the animals trust by caring, feeding and petting them. Then buy toys and games and get wild with the animals you have nursed back to health!Enjoy lots of fun activities including hair and make up, shopping for new clothes, swimming, spinning and much more! Choose from various levels of gameplay or play in mission based mode.7 Australian animal species (wombats, kangaroos and their babies, duck-billed platypus, koalas, seals and dolphins)2 Characters to choose from!Animals react when player interacts as doctor or animal keeper2 Animal hospitals (land and water) and 7 kinds of pens can be built, expanded and outfittedLeisure Activities: Our Pet Vet can kick back with all new activities including swimming, sun-tanning and even BBQ!
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Minimum system requirements
128MB 3D Graphic card
Windows 7,8,10,11
free space
1100 MB available space