Venice Master

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Check out more games: the GameIn Venice Master, you are an inhabitant of the unique city of Venice - the financial and cultural heart of the Renaissance Europe. There are plenty of unusual tasks awaiting you. You start from scratch. Keep in mind it’s worth investing the earned money in new businesses. A reward for your efforts will also be great satisfaction - after all, you will build a city on water!Building on water is quite a challenge and requires a pretty unique set of methods, but before you get to it, you need to be thoroughly prepared. First, you have to engineer the necessary construction, metallurgical and carpentry machines, as well as specialized transport boats and much more. This way you will be able to take on the most ambitious building challenges, such as the reconstruction of the Rialto Bridge or the construction of luxurious palaces for the aristocracy.Invest your hard-earned money in more craftsman workshops and plants. Be brave and play bold - there are loads of businesses to buy here! These businesses will allow you to cut deals with the big shots in the city. Cast guns and cannons for the famous Venetian fleet, sell bells that will strike the hours in the bell tower in St. Mark's Square and in other churches. If the winds are favorable, you will quickly make money and soon find this hard to believe that your beginnings were a messy gondola repair workshop.Venice is bursting with secrets and curiosities, and as you complete your mission, you will sail through its most mysterious alleys. Like a Venetian gondolier you will discover new, fascinating places. This is the only city in the world where boats are the main means of transport, and the streets are replaced with waterways. You may find it hard to catch on at first, but over time you will learn to recognize landmarks and structures. That said, absolutely don't worry if you get lost. Venice is probably also the only city in the world where this actually is an advantage.
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Minimum system requirements
3 GHz Quad Core Processor
GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 480
Windows 10
free space
10 GB available space