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DownTheDead is a zombie puzzle FPS Game in a post-apocalyptic under of hospital and a secret research facility! The game consists of multiple chapters, where you will play them and discover the secrets behind the lab and the people involved with it, Trying to survive. You will be playing as The Male test subject who will wake up from a coma state, and that after the outbreak. You will have to stay alive down the hospital's research lab and facilities running away from Zombies, Psycho patients, and Aliens. You will also be able to fight back later in future chapters when you get the pistol, but be careful running out of resources means death. The story will unfolds with its lines the truth behind the secret research down the hospital. You will obtain weapons which would help you during the game (Crowbar, Flashlight, Pistol, Gas Mask, Shotgun) You will fight zombies and aliens. You will run and hide sometimes and sometimes will fight back You will get an inventory and items can find during your adventure which will help you skipping this nightmare You will also get read documents and paper left behind by people who were there.
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Minimum system requirements
1.7 GHz processor or equivalent
ATI Radeon 9600 or Nvidia GeForce 500 series
1500 MB RAM
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
free space
1 GB available space