QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory

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Somewhere in La Mancha,in a place which name I do not care to recall,not long ago there lived a gentleman,the kind who has a lance in a rack, an old shield,a skinny nag and a greyhound for coursing. A man much given to reading books of chivalry,who spent his nights immersed in their pages,until, from so much reading and so little sleep, he lost his mind.QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory is a journey through the most significant episodes of the work of Cervantes. The plot revolves around the adventures of Don Quixote's point of view: as a brave and powerful knight in search of eternal fame and glory.QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory is an interactive tactical card game which takes you on an adventure. The artistic features of the title and game mechanics will captivate the player from the very first moment.QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory was created based on appreciation of the literary work which has influenced most outstanding titles in the fantasy and adventure genre and about how feeling misunderstood or out of place can alter our perception of the world.The game takes advantage of the educational aspects of the novel to make Cervantes' work known among young people across the world. For the first time, we will see the universe of Don Quixote (and himself) with the epic and greatness that the ingenious hidalgo perceived.
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Minimum system requirements
OpenGl 2.1
Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11