Super Gosu Cars

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Action Racing - Super Gosu Cars is an arcade-style racing game with kart racing crazyness!Personality and Style - Choose your vehicle and driver and put the pedal to the metal!Items - Pick up and use items to devastate the competition as you claw your way to victory!Multiplayer Mayhem - Up to 8 players in local multiplayer (top-down view)!Feeling of Accomplishment - Unlock additional vehicles, drivers and more as you progress!Game ModesGrand Prix: 8 racers compete in a variety of cups; each with their own set of challenges.Time Trial: Hone your driving skills while racing against the clock (single player).Custom Tournament Pick and choose your own set of tracks, rules, and more.Main FeaturesUp to 8 player local multiplayer (requires 8 separate gamepads).CPU controlled opponents (in Grand Prix and Custom Tournament).12 colorful tracks in various engaging environments.8+ vehicles with different stats and aesthetics.8+ drivers to put to the test in your favourite set of wheels.Note:3rd person view is only available in single player.All local multiplayer is currently in top-down view.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i3
AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics / Intel® HD Graphics 3000
4096 MB RAM
Windows 7 SP2
free space
300 MB available space