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What's Cordychosis?Cordychosis is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place within a single room! While you can't leave, you can certainly adjust your surroundings using your trusty (makeshift) time machine. However, due to certain structural limitations, your time machine can only travel backwards exactly 5 years into the past, shortly after you had been initially imprisoned. The good news is that you can travel back and forth between the past and the present, so use your powers of time-travel to collect a variety of objects, alter the course of time, and find a way to escape the room (and free yourself from your own madness).Small Changes Can Have Big ConsequencesBy making tiny adjustments in the past, you can make some pretty substantial (and potentially horrifying) changes in the present. Leave a rotten apple in the dirt and it might grow into a beautiful tree. Or it might attract terrifying death ants. Who knows! You have nothing to lose so you might as well find out. The consequences of your actions are a problem for future-you.Be Kind To YourselfIn Cordychosis, you begin the game with only one friend, a highly neurotic version of yourself from 5 years ago. Enlisting the aid of your previous self will be imperative to your progress, but earning your own cooperation may prove to be a challenge.Explore!While the possibilities of the future are endless, Cordychosis is a narrative game with one definitive ending. However, the path to reach that ending may not be a linear one. This is a game which encourages exploration and trying things out just to see what happens! You can always undo your actions later if they turn out to have horrifying consequences. (Probably.)~~~Find Secrets and Solve PuzzlesIn addition to the time-travel puzzles, which consist primarily of placing or using objects in the past to alter the future, Cordychosis also contains more traditional puzzles. Unlock unusual contraptions! Find hidden messages and combinations using helpful tools! The lens from a giant eyeball monster, for example, may allow you to see things you couldn't before when you were using your normal, inadequate human eyeballs. Solving the problem of who's leaving these clues behind and why, however, is a mystery in itself.~~~Teeth!In Cordychosis, you can collect teeth! All kinds of teeth! Decorate your room with teeth! Hang teeth up on the walls! Give teeth to your past-self to play with (they have a lot of free time and not much to do with it, besides building time machines out of garbage).Hidden Teeth!?Leave your tooth collection behind in the past, and your previous self might just paint them and hide them in the world for you to find. (Like an Easter Egg hunt, but with teeth!) Can you collect them all? (Note that the hidden object portion of the game is for fun and not required to progress the story. It's only required if you want a whole lot of teeth.)~~~Point And ClickCordychosis uses simple mouse controls! Click to activate or pick up objects. Click again to drop or use the object.No holding down mouse buttons or draggingNo quick-time events or time-sensitive actionsNo multiple/simultaneous button pressesNo keyboard required, can be played entirely with the mouse~~~Cordychosis is currently under development and is subject to change. Additionally, this is a small indie game created by a single developer! Want to stay up-to-date on the progress?Follow the dev on Twitter! (Link on the right-hand side of the page)Check back on this page! New screenshots and information will be updated periodically.Wishlist the game and keep an eye out for news and updates!
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core 2 CPU
NVIDIA GT/s 4xx or Equivalent
Windows 8+
free space
200 MB available space