Space Ballers

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Challenge your friends with your space ship in electrifying matches and fantastic arenas, aiming to score as many goals while avoiding obstacles. All this to the sound of an exciting soundtrack. Matches in the versus mode involve the player taking the ball and scoring against the opponent team. The players can also get surprise boxes during the game, where you can win one of the four powers available, making everything more chaotic and fun when it comes to score or prevent the opposite team's goal. The team that score more goals, either by time or number of goals defined, wins the competition. The challenge mode matches on the other hand, aim to achieve the best record in the chosen arena. Each arena has its own particularities, and you can try to reach the record with a friend in the co-op mode. **Resources:** - 6 different space ships; - 6 different colors for the team. - Versus mode - Player Vs Player - 2 to 4 players; - Choose the match between time or number of goals; - 4 different arenas with challenges and obstacles to make the game more frenetic and fun; - 4 different power that can be found on susprise boxes during the match. - Challenge mode - Exciting challenges to reach the best score - 1 to 2 players; - Choose the Nature Arena to grab 10 coins in the shortest time possible without touching the poisoned mushrooms; - Choose the Space Arena to make the most number of goals in 1:30 minutes in a reduced space with planets and stars at your surroundings.
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Minimum system requirements
2 Ghz Dual Core
Graphics card supporting DirectX 9
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
free space
300 MB available space