Nirmita: The Fantasy Survival RPG

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The game takes place in a special magical world - Nirmita - where not only local residents (all of whom are female for some reason), but also animals, environmental objects, and even interface are able to communicate with the player. The player begins his journey in a cramped empty cave, remembering nothing and not knowing how to do even the simplest things. But by communicating with the environment, getting food and materials, creating tools and clothes, making interior details and building structures - he will learn a lot and develop into a real Hero. Then he will be ready to unravel the identity of the main villain and meet him face to face!Game Features 7 stats that level up depending on the choice of actions performed - you can develop along the path of strength and dexterity, use your charm, be a powerful magician ... or all of this at the same time! 25 skills, improving by learning from local NPCs. That will allow you to choose what to specialize in, or be a jack of all trades. Tough survival due to the need to monitor the level of hunger, energy, health of the character. Waking time for each day is limited, and you will need to learn how to plan in advance the actions that will not allow you to die of hunger in the morning. An unusual turn-based combat system that stimulates the use of various weapons, potions and attack sequences. 6 bright unique locations - caves and meadows, swamps and forests, mountains and lakes. 5 beautiful female characters who are eager to teach the player many useful skills in exchange for new, more revealing outfits. 70 (sic!) unique types of enemies that the player will have to fight during his struggle for survival. Defeated creatures can be tamed or killed, and when tamed they will give bonuses and can be used in battles. Dozens of different types of weapons, furniture, potions, cooking and equipment may be created with a progressive crafting system. Many improvements to the player home that add decor and coziness, as well as affecting the player's ability to relax better and stay awake longer.
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Minimum system requirements
2.0 Ghz
1Gb Video Memory
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
free space
1 GB available space