The Fermi Paradox Soundtrack

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The Original Electronic Ambient Soundtrack created by MONA MUR playfully follows the evolutionary steps of developing civilizations and their spiritual, technological, and energetic trajectories.Fascinated by audio-visual worlds singer and performer Mona Mur expanded her musical activities towards music programming and production as well as sound design creating a unique style of eerie and haunting electronic music and Sound FX for game titles such as "Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days" (EIDOS/SQUARE ENIX), "Velvet assassin" (SoftPeak/UbiSoft Japan) or the all time classic "Ballance" (ATARI USA/Japan). For her ground-breaking work on “Kane & Lynch 2” she was invited to GDC San Francisco 2012, EA DICE, Stockholm, MIGS Montreal , HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin and GAMESWEEK Berlin. Recent works include THE FERMI PARADOX by ANOMALY Games, funded by German Ministry of Transport & Digital Infrastructure and WINGS Interactive. The Fermi Paradox is a choice-driven sci-fi narrative strategy game in which your decisions in one corner of the galaxy can upend entire civilizations in another. As a "Galactic Gardener", you will guide species through millennia and help them explore the vastness of space, make contact and, perhaps, create harmony.
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