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While resting in Icewind Dale, members of your party have been captured by the evil Drow. To make matters worse, they have been taken underground, deep to where the Drow reign supreme. Descend and rescue your comrades, but be warned: Your fate and that of the famed Drizzt Do'Urden will become entangled - and your rescue mission will take on a whole new meaning! Welcome to the realm called Underdark and the malevolent city of Menzoberranzan. Prepare yourself for a role-playing epic unlike any you've ever experienced in the Forgotten Realms game world. New monsters abound. New tactics make combat more intense. The ability to levitate and fly add even more excitement to battles! The spectacular sights and sounds of the Menzoberranzan game are exhilarating. This fresh and unique AD&D game promises to be the most challenging role-playing journey through the Forgotten Realms game world yet! A wide variety of monsters to slay, quests to complete and regions to save Assemble a party of the world’s finest clerics, warriors, thieves and more Immerse yourself in the depth and richness of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and the Forgotten Realms Universe Hours of replayability with Dungeon Hack’s randomly generated dungeons
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Minimum system requirements
1.8 GHz
3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7
512 MB RAM
Windows 7 or later
free space
2 GB available space