Very Important Potato

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Premise.A real-time strategy game where you are a potato. In a dystopian steampunk future, the lab created the first smart potato, the labs last and very, very fatal mistake. Time for revenge potat style. Barbeque, boil, roast and eat your human enemies to save all potats!Gameplay. Strategy - RTS (Will feature pause mode to issue commands, and will have other options for able gamers)Gameplay modes (Initially all networked modes will only be via Steam playtogether) -:Single player/co-op Campaign (up to 2 players) Town takeout mode, progress through the towns bringing potat flavored destruction!PvP mode (up to 4 players) Competitive maps were you take out humans and other potats.Co-op map mode(Up to 4 players) Co-op maps were it's not tied to the campaign and you take on the challenge of pesky humankind.How many towns will there be? (TLDR 40 or so)Not sure, it depends on how long each map takes with the tools I make, I'm thinking around 40 or so as a moderate goal for campaign mode.Will it be moddable? TLDR Planning on itI plan to support at a minimum the sharing of maps, likely they will be text files (Initially they are) they may change if they get too big. I will attempt to make modding easier, modding depends on things that are still unknown at this point in development.Will I do an editor like the last game I did? TLDR : YesThere will be an in-house editor for sure, likely be a bit rough round the edges and the GFX will look like a dogs dinner. I'll still release it if there's enough interest then get feedback on what people would like added to it and stuff, but graphically it's probably going to be functional only at least initially. The game is an RTS strategy game were you are in control of the lab(your base), you select one of 4 different powersets, plant, insect, mental or energy based.The is an RTS with tower defence mix (depends on the theme you choose) with 2 main different types of gameplay but 4 distinct styles.1) Plant, Infect the humans to take them over and turn them into compost, and make plants that attack and consume when they can.2) Insect, More traditional style play, build the army to defend and attack, eating humans as you go.3) Mental, remain in the shadows whispering in the humans ears, brainwash and make humans rage, 4) Energy, Be the bright spark in the humans life, a gigwatt or so, should be enough to cover what's left of it.Get that chip off yer shoulder, bring about potat revolution and wishlist today!
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Minimum system requirements
2Ghz probably
Windows 10 most likely (not sure if windows 7 will work)
free space
8 GB available space