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Game overviewYour bullet is my bullet!It's up to you to avoid it, such as being hit.A unique rule-reversing Shmup "Return Ace" that hits the enemy's army and boss with a barrage from the front.By the time he woke up, the situation had already been decided.He was given neither more power nor a sturdy body.It is the "power to return" everything.The battle began, guided by someone's voice, without even determining his identity and desires.We have adopted a unique game system because we aimed for an unlikely Shmup for playing.The main character has the following abilities."Absorb"Basic ability to absorb, register and shoot back enemy energy bullets.Since it stores energy for shooting, it is essential to be hit and it is also the starting point of various attacks.Be aware that if you exceed the allowable amount, it will overheat and become defenseless."Hacking"Ability to hack enemy planes and turn them over.Effective only against enemies in the air and physically guided bullets, it consumes a lot of energy but can be an ally in an instant.Suitable for dealing with troublesome enemies and defending against physically guided bullets."Rolling"The ability to temporarily become invincible and bounce off physical contact, including physical ammunition.Energy bullets are offset by the kinetic energy of the aircraft, and shooting becomes a strengthening bullet during use.Be careful as it is easy to lose to high-powered energy bullets and energy bullets that come into continuous contact. There are four difficulty levels: Full Tune Up (Level1), Prototype (Level2), Wanted (Level3) and World Ruler (LevelMAX).Each has a different story, BGM arrangement, aircraft abilities, enemy strength and combat routines.You can change the difficulty level at any time except when the score for clearing the game is confirmed.The story is also equipped with auto and skip functions, so you can concentrate on the Shmup part.The title obtained by playing when the game is cleared is displayed.Titles can be obtained by playing at any difficulty level except for one hidden.The title has useful abilities suitable for the content, and if you collect it, you can significantly strengthen your own machine.Highly scored and difficult titles come with powerful abilities to rethink the play itself.-Register the bullets absorbed when the energy is 0%.If you want to use another bullet, avoid absorption and consume it by shooting, hacking, and rolling.-Energy bullets have various elements such as power, energy efficiency, range, and strength relationship.The effect of strengthening is different, so please try to find the one you like.-Key binding can be done in the config.This game uses shooting, absorption, hacking, rolling and 4 buttons, and there are many operations.It is recommended to play with comfortable settings.-You can also attack the boss by using rolling. When you hack into the boss ...?-The trial version has up to 2 stages, and the title enhancement has been cut.Wanted (Level3) and World Ruler (LevelMAX) have strict difficulty levels.Please experience it as a standard after strengthening and improving.Method of operation1: Shoot (decision) Default key: Left Shift key Fixed key: Enter key2: Absorb (decision) Default key: Z Fixed key: Right control key3: Hacking (cancellation) Default key: X Fixed key: BackSpace key4: Rolling (cancellation) Default key: C Fixed key: Right Shift keyRed, yellow: Fixed functionBlue: Changeable function
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Minimum system requirements
64bit, include SSE2, intel i3 or AMD Ryzen3 or more
intel UHD Graphics 620 or AMD Radeon R7 or more (Passmark : 1000 over)
windows7 or later
free space
202 MB available space