Kittens in Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy San Francisco: Battle School for Only the Most Awesome Monsters

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The city of San Francisco, Jewel of the Bay Area, now has fallen on hard times, and by 'hard times', we mean massive earthquakes filling the sea with toxic sludge, and spontaneous rips in space-time that deposit strange creatures from a strange world. Fortunately, capitalism being what it is and all, the many tech corporations (i.e. kingdoms) of the area have created ways to enslave these 'Critter Beasts' and have them fight for glory and gold. You must help an orphaned family of cat men and cat women renovate their family arena in order to participate in the upcoming Championship of Silicon Valley. The outcome of which will not only determine your fate, but the fate of the entire Bay Area. Recruit and train dozens of Critter Beasts. Make friends and connections with the locals. Fight the power. Change the post-apocalyptic landscape for the better.Pat-RPG, part-Visual Novel! Figure out exactly what is plaguing the city, and through your good deeds and monster fighting skills, slowly rebuild this once great metropolis - or try to. Over 20+ critters to train as your personal party, each with their own personalities and needs! Who knows? Bringing different ones out on various quests might spark some interesting conversation. See? Now we've got you weighing the cost of bringing certain Beasts out on missions for conversation over their battle skills. Visual Novel! RPG! Talk to people! Recruit 20+ cute and cuddly battle monsters to your cause! Train! Do battle! Level up! Train more! Level up more! Battle more! (That's the gameplay loop) Help the residents of the post-apocalypse survive the post-apocalypse!
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Minimum system requirements
Windows XP