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Before the war Sol:Gov had plans to colonise Proxima II...0.8 gravity, liquid water, moderate temperature, resource-rich...Well-suited to supporting human life and established technologies...Well-suited to producing bullets and bombs now.There's a war on and your job is to supply the war effort. Gather resources, construct a factory and launch shipments to meet all supply goals set by the MoD. If the enemy comes poking around, shoot them out of the sky.May the galaxy come to fear your mad logistic skills!Fac-what-now?Entropy: the measure of disorder in a system. Fighting with entropy seems to describe the factory simulation experience rather well. Factropy. Or maybe it's just that games in this genre inevitably do many things the same way, because a conveyor belt is hard to improve on! Tropes abound. Factropy.A 2D factory game in a 3D worldFactropy is a 3D game but the factory expands over flat lowland terrain on a fixed build grid. Interesting features are those that use 3D to enhance the basic 2D top-down factory experience, not just saying hey, let's go 3D so we can build vertically and frustrate ourselves trying to control the camera. Hills contain the minable resources. A few miners can eventually tunnel throughout their local hill. Lakes have underwater topography too. Oil rigs must be placed in sufficiently deep water for crude oil extraction. Pneumatic Tubes are the conveyor belts of the skies, allowing logistics in three dimensions and over rough terrain. Combat is in the sky. An off-world enemy is upset that the engineer is supplying the interstellar war effort and sends missiles and asteroids. Aircraft like the zeppelin, logistic blimps and heavy-lifter transports turn the sky into a giant logistics overlay of flight paths. Wind Turbines and Laser Turrets benefit from altitude.What else is interesting? Entity construction is incremental construction materials delivered to the site, RTS style. No mall. Simple inventories. Copy/paste blueprints do exist but currently do not persist longer than a single game. This fosters replayabilty and creativity. Most entities can be monitored and controlled remotely using wireless networks. Logistic and construction drones are attached to a drone port so they don't stray too far. Automated logistics and construction vehicles follow marked paths around the base. Tech tree is shallow but challenging, and not based on research. Progression occurs as the engineer meets goals set by the MoD, mostly supplying the war effort with materials. Each goal unlocks all new techs necessary to meet the next goal.
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Minimum system requirements
GTX 1080+
Windows 10
free space
50 MB available space