Meridiana - A demon's madness

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About the GameInvestigate the mysterious robberies across the kingdom of Rhoessa and discover your destiny. You will take on the role of Meridiana, a demon summoned to a high-fantasy world by a young witch. During your adventures, you will help your companions while getting to know them better. However, demons have a bad reputation for a reason: they easily succumb to madness and wreak havoc. Will your demonic nature take over, or will you learn from others how to be a good person?GameplayThe game plays like a standard visual novel, but there are some puzzle solving elements in some situations, allowing interaction with the environment.Features include, but are not limited to:Karma systemMultiple dialogue optionsNo romance route optionPoint and click puzzles and interactionsChapters focused on horrorFour main endingsTwo main romance routesThe castLowri: A young witch who lacks tact. In her quest for power, she decides to summon you into the world. Despite the mysterious shine in her eyes, she welcomes you with a friendly smile and treats you just as she would treat an equal. She is open and sociable, but you can sense something deeper within. Will you help Lowri face her past, perhaps even fall in love? Constantine Matthews: A sharp-tongued priest with a strong sense of morality. He will guide you in this new world with great reluctance, as he knows far too well of a demon’s descent into madness. Erika: The cheerful leader of a group of mercenaries. She is as sweet as she is strong. She will protect you, and you can rest assured that she will bring the mission to fruition. No matter the cost.Kian York: A self-righteous nobleman working to restore the tarnished honour of his family. He leads and finances the investigation that you partake in. Kian might be hard to approach, however his friendship could prove useful to your journey. And who knows, something more may flourish…Content WarningMature contentDisturbing imageries
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Minimum system requirements
single core processor
integrated graphics (Intel HD graphics)
Windows 7
free space
1 GB available space