Code Zero

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Tactical 5 vs 5 teambased First Person Shooter with limited life and upgradable weapons. Devise strategic plans and use utility grenades and tools to outsmart your enemies. Code Zero features unique gunplay mechanics: each weapon has its own unique learnable recoil pattern and accuracy range. The movement mechanics serves to complement the high-precision gunplay, with the inclusion of advanced mechanics such as bunny hopping, air strafing, counter stepping and much more. There is a variety of weaponry to choose from, from shotguns to pistols to automatic rifles, offering a variety of gameplay styles. Beyond the combat mechanics, each player has smoke grenades and other utility items to hold or take control over key vantage points on the map as two teams compete to eliminate the enemy team. Each player has 3 lives which upon depletion will fully eliminate them from the round. Once a team no longer has surviving players, the other team will win the round.
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