Zeus Quest Remastered

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When you are looking out for a real adventure game to play then Zeus Quests Remastered is the perfect PAID game to play right now. The real graphics and adventure with a perfect storyline are what Zeus Quests Remastered, it's unlike other FREE silly games, but an official PAID version is there as Zeus Quests Remastered takes you to the next level of gameplay. Zeus Quests Remastered is an adventurous game with a humour involved. A real Quest where you can save the world. A perfect blend of Greek Mythology with Sci-Fi in a twisted way. A perfect blend of animations with 60FPS, silly vector FHD graphics and to make the humour alive there exist the super silly dialogues. The game takes you to time travel where you can save the world, the game revolves around the fixing and finding the time machine and for that Zeus (Boss of Olympus) travel the world. It is a perfect Sci - Fi game in the store now which you can explore, play and enjoy. Oh Yes! Zeus ( Boss of Olympus) is a wacky character. The timeframe revolves around the Greek Mythology Timeframe. The interesting part of the game is like it a multi-language gameplay. Zeus Quests Remastered have characters and dialogues are extremely funny and translated into 6 languages, a major part of the game is also covered via English voice over. Everything is fully animated with 60fps. The game is created with Vector art, which is a unique cartoonish style. The adventures journey start with a spaceship flying and landing in the beautiful ocean of Santorini. Zeus Quests Remastered game is revolved around the Greek mythology and thus you get an adventure trip to beautiful places of the world. Also, Zeus Quests Remastered proofs to be a time traveller game where Zeus tries to fix the time machine to save the world from the explosion. Now the adventures journey of Zeus (Greek God of war and Olympus) starts from Santorini as he was initially lost there. There are other God of wars in the game in which Zeus will interact with Hephaestus and Dionysus (trusted alleys). Being a wacky character Zeus meets with various crazy creatures and thus solves the puzzles, more like a character puzzle solving game it would sound at stages. As said it would be a more travel game Zeus would be travelling over Oia, Akrotiri, Fira, Caldera, Volcano lava and many such places to discover the magical weapon. Now here he covers half of his journey is the twist, now to know the twist: BUY NOW & explore the next destinations which Zeus has to travel. Zeus Quests Remastered is a mission game which helps you travel the time, travel places and then the adventures of Quest. There are a bunch of mysterious, adventurous and fun awaited to be explored. Superb Features of the game are: • Silly 'Point and Click' Adventure dialogue games, Old-School. • Silly 60fps fully animated characters. • Silly plot & dialogues translated into 6 languages. • Silly vector graphics in Full HD. * Saves/loads progress from cloud to switch devices * Getting started help - Tips system. * Time travel game adventure * Time Machine Quest * Adventure Journey Game * Musical Adventure quest * Greek methodology game * Adventure Quest Don't only stop by just reading the details, go ahead and make a move and play the game. Start the quest now and move to the next world of adventures. The journey would take you to the next level with the different travel experiences and yes the background HD and musical experiences is like cherry on cake. Begin the tremendous and joyful journey with Zeus Quests Remastered which you wouldn't have even thought earlier. Beware the game is Addictive..!!
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