Crown Land

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Something DifferentCrown Land is not for those looking for cheap sex scenes. Readers of Crown Land will feel strongly for the characters and form emotional attachments to them as real people.Are you tired of visual novels that offer contrived romance and cheap love scenes? How about visual novels with incoherent plots and unrealistic characters? Lastly, there are the ones filled with the common clichés associated with the visual novel genre. As a high-quality visual novel, Crown Land promises to be something completely different. Each one of Crown Land's characters is unique, yet they are all grounded in human realism. Our plotline offers twists and turns but remains logically coherent throughout. Lastly, Crown Land is completely family-friendly and contains absolutely no obscene images or language.An Alternate Age of ChivalryHunt down the horrendous Horned Face and avenge the death of his betrothed. That was the mission, and obsession, that Ethan Primrose had walked away from. Now, he lives his life peacefully and rules the State of California as the heir of both House Primrose and the Western region of the Fifty States. There he lives with his guilt-ridden squire, Olivia, and his wide-eyed sister, Novah. But everything changes when Jaxon Maple, an old friend with an insatiable obsession for finding the Horned Face, ostensibly dies while under mysterious circumstances. To the north of the Fifty States, the sister of Jaxon, Premier Nyanna of the Province of Ontario, has tried her best to keep the Republic out of war with its southern neighbor. But when she learns about Jaxon's death, she too is committed to finding the truth that her brother had died for. Just as determined as her are her remaining brothers Sawyer and Hayes Maple— the first an arch-priest pushing for controversial reformations, the second the new and unprepared heir of House Maple. Although separated by thousands of miles and vast landscapes, the actions of each character are concretely and profoundly felt by each and everyone else. With the entire Continent tenaciously teetering on the edge of a full-scale war, each character must understand that their actions and desires impact not just themselves, but the fate of the entire Continent.Is Crown Land Actually Free?Crown Land is completely free forever. There are no hidden tricks or fees. Our reasoning is simple. Codexton is not about money but rather about inspiring the human soul. We hope you enjoy our attempt at bringing something positive into the world, and that you help us share it with others.Will Crown Land be Released All at Once?Crown Land is a live service product. We are aware that live service games have a negative stigma attached to them, but we promise again that Crown Land will remain completely free forever. For those who want our reasoning, Crown Land generates no profit for Codexton, so we are unable to develop the entire game at once. We apologize for any inconveniences.Extra InformationCrown Land™ is a virtual book written, developed, and published by Codexton® LLC. We have a mobile port for Crown Land planned in the future.The following are Codexton's official social media platforms. We encourage you to join the community today!
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