No!Ah!'s Ark

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More My Games... the GameIf you were told not to do something, would you want to do it all the more?One day, the Creator, our dear goddess, was told not to push the button, but she couldn't help herself pushing the button. The big flood came and the world was destroyed.Noah, the chosen one, is the only one who survived this disaster, and he must save the world by rescuing animals and the girl he loves.This game is an advanced Whack-A-Mole game combining with... Oops, I can tell you no more.Curiosity kills the cat. You won't dare to download the game.Features Whack-A-Mole-likeEasy to understand and easy to learn. Character CustomizationCustomize the playable characters with a variety of costumes. Interesting story and perspectiveThe story is full of fun with an original perspective. Guest CharactersThere are guest characters from my other games to help you out in the game.
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