Unearthing Process

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Once upon a time, a young boy headed with his father, who was a professional miner, towards the depth of the Earth, to search for gems, such as diamonds, emeralds and gold.After they kept digging through the dirt and through the mud, they found a huge gap between them and the following way. The young boy fell down in that moment, and his father was extremely astonished by the depth of the gap. His young boy is now required to make his way back to his father, so that they may continue their adventure.He will face dangerous traps,monsters and animals trying to eat his flesh alive. There is a long way back to his father...Your quest in this dangerous pixelated world is to fight, collect the most points possible, survive all the mobs and bosses in your way to reunite with your father.You will encounter and long and challenging journey in your path to find your father, but nothing should stop you! You'll unlock new weapons and new abilities over time as you advance trough the levels.•20 Levels on the Main Story (more levels will be added for free in future updates, alongside with CO-OP)•Smart AI Varying Upon Enemy/Scenario•Variety of Adversaries and Loot•Constant Action and Adventure•And even more...
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