Burst Planet

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Burst Planet is a RPG sci-fi style PVE and traditional PVP game with multiple maps and game types: • Single Player (PVE) – Soon to be a story driven game, Burst Planet is a traditional RPG Sci-Fi action game. Players will battle monsters in settings like a large abandon city (there are and will be multiple maps for players to explore and fight monsters). Killing monsters will level up the player’s character as well as garnish crystals and gold from “chests” to purchase more powerful weapons. Ridable mounts is a feature that will be available to players to move quickly through the game world. • Multi-Player (PvP) – Taking inspiration from games like Quake and Unreal Tournament 1999, Burst Planet can accommodate up to 100 people at any one time. No leveling gimmicks or pay to win. Burst Planet is all about combat with weapons provided in game. Burst Planet will launch with PvP game modes including a unique and fun racing game, death match, and a new game mode called Escape.
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