Der einzig wahre Auserwählte

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The one and only chosen one – A fantasy parodyIf you hate standard fantasy storys then you might love this one for it makes fun of all established fantasy cliches. This is more than just another RPG Maker game – it is a well written story, full of black humor with lots of different puzzles and quests that you have never seen in another Maker game before!StoryHis name is Prollbo Ingosäckel and he can be more than just a good-for-nothing apprentice of a grave digger, he is certain – because he is the chosen one! At least this is what the ominous wizard says, Rangolf the Magenta, who appears one fine day in Pointed Beet Village and recites a prophecy from the Serenadicon that seems to match perfect for Prollbo. This minute a box full of radishs flies along, just as it was divined. For Prollbo this is positive proof enough. Determined he goes with the wizard out into the big, wide world. But who is the author of the Serenadicon – and why is the first page lost?Content new quests and puzzles black humor that does away with all fantasy cliches No random combats! Xou decide weather you fight or not. neues, abwechslungsreiches Kampfsystem no standard combat system (details will follow soon, we are currently doing the fine-tuning) lots of additional quests who can be solved, but don`t must be four different endingsTrailer music:Title: TavernComposer: Vasco
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