VR Military Reporter in Middle East (with tanks & helicopters)

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FlyWings 2018 - Military Helicopters
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H-SNIPER: Middle East
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This is a VR leisure tour game. Players can wear a helmet to tour the Middle East. The game contains rich tourism resources in the Middle East. Players can follow the drone's perspective to visit ancient Middle East reservoirs, ruins, ancient Egyptian architecture, works of art, and desert oasis, cities, towns, slums, etc. The ancient cistern is a site built in a seaside city. Players can visit pharaoh sculptures and pyramids in ancient Egyptian buildings and appreciate the labor wisdom of the ancient people in the Middle East. The different architectural styles and village layouts of towns and slums allow you to have a deeper understanding of local production and life and feel different living environments. movement: The left handle touch panel controls the direction of movement, holding the button to switch the first person's perspective and the third person's perspective; The right handle touch panel controls up and down movements and left and right rotation, and the holding button controls the speed. menu: The left handle can interact with the menu, press the menu button to call out the menu in the gam.
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