Merri Puzzle

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We did it!Thank you to everyone who voted for Merri Puzzle on green light. I hope everyone has as much fun playing the game, as I did making it.About the GameMerri Puzzle is a physics based puzzle solving game, with a unique look and feel to it. The goal is simple, getting an object, often a ball to the end of a maze. Your only controls are the forces of gravity, and building blocks. There are multiple ways to solve most levels. You can make block slides, block elevators, or just fill in the gaps. Other levels may need you to build walls to help avoid lava, or to get a key shape to the exit. As the game goes on, the amount of strategy required to solve each puzzle will go up. Merri Puzzle features a range of different mechanics. Some exits may be locked, some rooms may require making a path for two shapes to reach each other. Different shapes have different physical properties. Instead of building a bridge with blocks, you may try floating your ball across a sea of other physical objects you generated. Each level is unique with a different challenge. Merri Puzzle includes a simple check-point system. You can pick the way you play with point and click control buttons or key binding macros. This way you can play with a mouse and keyboard or your Steam controller.
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