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SOLITAIRE ULTRAis the best Solitare game on Steam! Are you tired of bland, old-school card designs, flat effects, and boring green backgrounds? Then you need to kick it into warpdrive with SOLITARE ULTRA! It's got that classic Solitaire gameplay you love, with sweet outer-space visuals, awesome end-game sequences, laser beams, and futuristic, full-HD backgrounds.Tons of ModesSOLITAIRE ULTRA comes with three popular modes: Klondike, Freecell, and Spider. Level up each mode to unlock lots of great variations and background visuals. Act fast and chain your moves together to form combos for massive XP payouts and quicker leveling.Epic Music by StellardroneHear more of his music on Bandcamp!FeaturesBest-in-class card physics simulationEpic space opera soundtrackFull HD video backgroundsRidiculous 3D win screensAwesome card animationsTons of lifetime statsAutosaveInfinite mode leveling: supreme bragging rights for the hardcore Solitaire playersFull Mode ListingKlondikeClassicEast HavenNine AcrossThumb and PouchWhiteheadWestcliffFreecellClassicBaker's GameEight OffSpiderClassicGiganticRelaxedSpideretteSpiderwortWill O' the Wisp
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