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Solys is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS, where 3 teams of 3 players compete against one another to destroy the other teams' bases.Each team spawns on their own planet containing a resource generator, a monolith acting as the spawn to be destroyed and a shop.Players can buy items in the shop with the generated resources, these items include weapons, armor, jetpacks, defenses, ships and building parts.SpaceshipsShips are essential to access the other teams' planets and to collect resources.As of now, there are 3 ships in the game beingThe passenger ship: a one person unarmed shipThe dropship: a multi crew unarmed shipThe fighter: a one person armed shipBase building and defensesTo protect their spawn each team must build around it and place defenses. Place high external walls to prevent players without a jetpack from getting in, stairs to have the high ground on your enemy or turrets to blast any enemy in a close radius. There are other building parts such as walls, a vehicule pad, corridors, doors and so on.Weapons and special itemsMaybe you like hiding in the bushes with a powerful sniper rifle. Or you'd rather get to close quarters with your enemy and blast them in the face with a shotgun. Maybe you're an average Joe and enjoy our rifle. Either way these 3 weapons cost quite a bit of resources, you'll probably do your early fights with a pistol. To protect against these weapons, buy armor ! If you want to sneak in other bases or have an element of surprise on your enemy, use the jetpack !All these tools can be combined and used together in fights, all you need to do is buy them and store them into your inventory.Other featuresDon't like first person view ? Switch to the third person camera. Don't like your character's look ? Change it with our customization menu !
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