Micro Cosmic Worlds

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Micro Cosmic Worlds is a discovery based journey into unseen worlds of the microcosmos. Using the power of virtual reality, you (the player) are transported deeper and deeper into the worlds of the infinitesimally small. Based on science in design and scale, Micro Cosmic Worlds proves that fact is often stranger than fiction.*Vive Controllers or Oculus Touch Required for full-features in Free Walk Mode*Gameplay recorded with Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers on GTX 1070 with game default graphics settings. If your system specs are higher or lower, you can easily adjust graphics settings in Launch Menu.Made for VRFirst Person PerspectiveDiscovery Based Learning=================================================About Codon, Inc:Codon is developing a virtual reality learning platform. Our goal is to make learning abstract concepts simple and easy for anyone, anywhere.Current Problem: According to the largest international study on student achievement (TIMSS), the majority of students report that they do not enjoy learning mathematics and science by the 8th grade. Unfortunately, while most industries have modernized over time, the traditional classroom has remained largely unchanged.Our Model: We believe students learn best when they learn by experience. Our exploration-based interactive VR is designed to augment education beyond the traditional classroom.Visit: codonvr (dot) com
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