Puzzle Bloc Invasion

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The harmless puzzle blocks of yesteryear have evolved and formed an alliance. They're armed and they're invading. It's up to you to protect the homeland from defeat. Puzzle Bloc Invasion is a genre shifting, classic arcade shooter built around powering up your shot, igniting color combos, and clearing out levels as quickly and efficiently as possible (for maximum reward).This is an arcade game in the truest sense. It's about trying to best your high score and setting new time records. It does NOT include: story, multi-player, DLC, micro-transactions, skins, crates, cosmetics, etc. It simply hopes to capture that quick pick up and play, just one more game spirit.How To Play:Build your power-up by destroying blocks that match your ship's color.While powered up, shots unleash chains of destruction on all neighboring blocks of similar color.Matching shots also build your score multiplier.Mismatched shots reset your multiplier and power-up.Level bonuses for speed, accuracy, and skill.Key Features:Each level randomly generated. Never play the same game twice!59 Achievements.Full in-game controller support. Also supports keyboard play.Mac and Linux versions planned (if demand warrants).
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