The Contractor

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Pateron bonus !For any of those that support the development of my game, get exclusive access to beta test new things for the game ! + in-game codes and more are coming !About the GameThe world is in danger but who cares really? You’re just here to fulfill some contracts and hopefully get paid along the way! But who knows you might just care along the way and take down some targets that are causing some trouble… Featuring Ambient lighting Character creation Duel wielding ! Dynamic leveling of enemies Dynamic lighting FPS Monitor Sync Game pad support Combo Counter 10 Classes to pick from with 8 subclasses Multi-classing Multiple classes with different skills/magic talents to unlock Time system/Weather/Season System Unlock Sub-Classes once you hit a certain level Water reflection Controls Up/Down/Left/Right to move around Escape key to bring up menu and cancel Enter Key to accept/interact Xbox controller (if using PlayStation or other control go to gamepad configuration) Up/Down/Left right to move around A to accept/interact B to escape/cancel Start to bring up menu Full game : Will come out in the future....
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