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Saṅkhāra is a poetic mobile VR film inspired by T.S. Eliot's 'Four Quartets' created as an early design-driven VR experiment for the Samsung Gear in 2015. The story begins at the end of an astronaut’s mission, as we follow him home through our awe-inspiring universe. Upon arrival back to Earth, our hero reflects upon his life choices, questions what might have been, and eventually finds solace in his decisions–a familiar emotional journey for anyone who has experienced life's drastic twists and turns. For our younger astronauts, it appeals to a child's sense of adventure and awe of space travel. This experience was designed to experiment with the deep emotional potential of poetry in virtual reality, while pushing the boundaries of graphics in VR. Succumb to the 360-film's gravitational pull, clear your mind, and allow yourself to meditate on this virtual poem. Built to be an inclusive experience, the participant needs only to gently move their head around in order to interact with the space.
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