Surface To Air

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Steam VideoThis content is only available in an online streaming format. More information about streaming videos can be found in the Streaming Videos on Steam FAQ.About the Video“Technology plays a huge part in the America’s Cup. It’s been said the fastest boat has won the America’s Cup for the last 160 years and I’m not sure that is about to change.” -Iain Percy, Gold Medal Olympian, Team Manager and On-Water tactician for Artemis Racing With a multimillion dollar boat and only the A-list in elite sailing, design, engineering and production build, “Surface To Air” explores the world of America’s Cup racing and what really goes into competing for the oldest and most coveted global sailing trophy. Hydrofoiling has revolutionized the sport, now boats are designed to instantly propel themselves from the surface of the water and into the air, relegating the drag barrier to next to nothing, defying logic and the imagination. The engineering behind foiling has literally transformed sailing to one of the fastest, most dangerous competitions on earth by pushing to the extreme limits of design. And it is because of these revolutionary designs, that teams employ recon masters determined to spy and steal coveted engineering secrets from their competitors. The film travels to Bermuda, where we meet Artemis Racing, challenger to the 35th America’s Cup. Artemis Racing knows that millimeters in design differences translates to knots of speed on the water; the difference between winning and losing. Which is why they invest in the strongest grinders, Olympic helmsmen and industry leading technology. All locking arms to make up what is a truly cutting edge team. They sweat at sea and in gyms, they study on board and at the white board. And, they tune their designs for the best possible performance, simulating scenarios before hulls ever hit the water–all giving Artemis a valuable competitive edge in a sport where you can’t afford to leave anything to chance.
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