First Strike: Final Hour - Bonus Content

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First Strike: Final Hour - OST
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“First Strike: Final Hour - Bonus Content" features all the tiny things that make our Deluxe Edition extra special. It is a collection of tiny things we did during the development Process of First Strike, we hope you like it Exclusive Fools Guide to Nuclear Superweapons: An Internal, beautiful Document that shows all the stats for the massive Superweapons Behind the Scenes Links on what the inspirations for each Superweapons were We used this during development to accurately tell the whole team the vision for each weapon The Guide comes as a pdf to view electronically or print out. Exclusive Wallpaper Series “Burning Superpowers”: USA, Russia, China, North Korea, Israel, Iran, Western Europe and Australia Each one shows one of the 8 most popular superpowers, with the world burning around them All wallpapers come in 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1600x1280 and 1366x0768 high Resolution for different aspect ratios Exclusive little Retro Game Boxes: For one Reason or the other, we made small boxes who look like familiar Retro Boxes A Steam Box for First Strike Final Hour A Mobile app Box for First Strike All Boxes come in in a high resolution print file for A3 printing and folding! This is a little extra for each one of you throws in a few bucks into our tip jar. We want thank you so much for all your support! Please Note: once purchased, the bonus content will appear in the game's root installation directory.
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